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The year is 1975, and Californian scientist and pioneer named Jim Jannard invents material called unobtanium, which would later become a phenomenon in the world of sports. The result is the first product, a motorcycle and BMX grip, which has perfect adhesive properties. In 1984 the first revolutionary sport sunglasses in the world called Eyeshades are produced. Decades of innovations that Oakley has been making were awarded with more than 600 patents containing lenses and materials. Oakley successfully combined art with science.

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Flak™ 2.0 XL Sport Sunglasses
Flak Jacket Sport Sunglasses
Jawbraker Sport Sunglasses
Racing Jacket Sport Sunglasses
Radar EV Sport Sunglasses
M2 Frame XL Sport Sunglasses

Sport Sunglasses

Chainlink Lifestyle Sunglasses
Holbrook Lifestyle Sunglasses
Madman Lifestyle Sunglasses
Frogskins Lifestyle Sunglasses
Sliver Lifestyle Sunglasses
Triggerman Lifestyle Sunglasses

Lifestyle Sunglasses

Crosslink RX Prescription Glasses
Finesse RX Prescription Glasses
Nine-To-Five RX Prescription Glasses
Stand Out RX Prescription Glasses
Tailspin RX Prescription Glasses
Taunt RX Prescription Glasses
Trailmix RX Prescription Glasses


Airbrake MX Goggles
Airbrake Snow Goggles
Flight Deck Snow Goggles
Mayhem MX Goggles


Agility Training Top 2.0
Combat Fleece
Fleet 2 Biozone Shell Pant
GoreTex 3L Shell Jacket
Hourglass Tee
Kaleidoscope Tee
Kaleidoscope Tee


Bathroom Sink Backpack
Factory Park Glove
Factory PilotLeather Belt
Tincan Cap